2019/2020 Family Shopper Gift Book

The 2019/2020 Family Shopper Gift Books are now available at our Studios at 69 Stanhope Avenue in Keene! We are open M-F, 8:30a-5p. 

This Bonus Book contains more than $2,000 in merchandise, gifts, entertainment and services. The merchants in this book believe that business goes where it is invited, and stays where it is well treated. For this reason, they wish to meet and serve you. This is their way of building good will; appreciation for their old customers, and the pleasure of meeting new ones.

Each Gift Check is guaranteed by a signed contract with each merchant. However, we cannot be responsible for any business, which for any reason terminates business.Prices are subject to change on items that require an equal purchase. In the event of a price increase you will still be given one item free and charged the current price on the second item.The purchaser must comply with any dates, regulations, etc., printed on each Gift Check.

1/15/2020: Books are now discounted at $30 a piece!  Get yours, while they last! Cash, check or credit card. Call (603) 352-9230 for more info. 

This year’s book will feature the following: (Click each image to see larger)

Or download the list here: ShopperBook